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Why To Switch Clean Solar Energy?

  1. Solar power is a 100% clean, renewable energy source. It reduces reliance on oil, coal and natural gas for electricity production.

  2. Reduce or eliminate energy bills.

  3. Control your power.

  4. Save the environment, save us all.

Find The Solar Plan That Suits You

Each home is different; each solar system is different. We believe in customizing the right solar plan based on each home’s qualification. Our energy experts will determine the most cost-effective and energy efficient solution to your home.

Rechargeable Solar Battery System

Generate, control, and save your power on your terms. No more power outages with our smart battery solutions. New customers would be able to qualify their home with Solar + battery options.

How Solar Works

1. Solar Panels

Mounted securely to your roof, collect sunlight and create electricity.

2. Energy Conversion

Inverters take the electricity collected by the solar panels and convert it to the power used in your home.

3. Net Metering

Measures the electricity your system produces versus how much is sent to your utility. Any remaining electricity your system produces and does not use will need to be purchased from your utility provider.

4. Smart Technology

Cloud infrastructure connects your system online, so your system can be monitored for performance.

5. Consumption

Power your home with renewable energy that all started with your solar panels.

Who We Are

The Energy Company is made up of a collection of passionate solar energy executives.  Their mission is to bring honesty and excellent customer service to an industry that is beginning to gain traction in Southern California and the entire world over. 

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Call us 888-503-0805 today!

Call us 888-503-0805 today!